CreekSide EquiCenter Stable Rules of Conduct, Safety and Courtesy

Horse Barn Rules

.PDF Version of our rules. Print out, sign and return to us. Click here for Rules download.


For the most part we adhere to Indiana 4H Rules (click here for handbook).

However, we do have a few of our own that I would like to list…

Please keep pets on leash and controlled. We want a safe environment for our horses and riders. That means excessive barking too.

Foul language, offensive hand gestures, unsportsman-like conduct… Not at Creekside. You will be asked to leave or removed from premises.

Abuse to animals won’t be tolerated.

No buggy whips or whips of any kind around horse shows or crowds of other riders.


I will wear proper riding attire when riding (including boots, breeches and a helmet if under eighteen years of age). I will put my tack and equipment away clean and properly stored.

I will turn off all lights when not using, coil up all hoses/turn off water when finished, clean out any buckets used, shut all pasture gates behind me, and most importantly, be aware of the well-being of all the horses on the premises. I will alert the management in the event I notice any emergency or unusual behavior/activity with any horse.

I will discuss any feed changes with the Barn Manager and allow her to arrange for it. I will obtain the owner’s permission before feeding other horses any treats or other foods.

I agree to pay for any emergency veterinarian care the management of CreekSide EquiCenter/veterinarian on call may deem necessary in my absence, understanding the management’s commitment/responsibility to first attempt to locate /notify me of an emergency situation.

I will always properly walk and cool my horse before returning him to pasture or stall. I will properly groom my horse prior working him as well.

I will provide a halter of good condition, lead rope, winter blanket, summer sheet and fly mask/spray for my horse.

I will ask my visitors to please remain outside of the pastures or stalls unless prior arrangements have been made with the management. I will assist them in obtaining/signing a hold-harmless form before allowing them access to any horse on the premises.

If at any time I am displeased with another student, instructor or member of management (or policy), I will speak to them directly regarding the issue in an effort to solve it privately. If a resolution cannot be agreed upon, I will seek the help of another person in management to assist in the discussion of the problem. At no time will I confide with other boarders/instructors associated with CreekSide EquiCenter regarding the problem, unless otherwise agreed upon with management. Nothing serves to undermine a professional/respectful environment quite like “barn gossip.” It is very counterproductive to the learning process. I will remember to keep my speech/conduct respectful at all times.

I will clearly label my personal equipment and belongings and keep them stored either in my personal tack trunk, area of tack room or hung on my stable door. I will not borrow another’s belongings without first gaining permission and returning them when I am finished.

I will sweep clean the aisle/mats and grooming/wash-rack areas each time I use them and before riding. I will discard any hair from drain covers after each use of wash-rack and be careful to not allow any large clumps of hair or dirt to go down the drains.

I will refrain from using any foul language, smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages while on the stable premises.

I will leave my pets at home unless otherwise authorized. I will not leave my visiting pet unattended and will keep them on a leash at all times. I agree to clean up after my visiting pets.

I will park my vehicle in designated parking areas only.

I will not enter the pasture of another horse besides my own without first getting permission.

I will never enter a pasture that is housing a stallion.

I will limit my riding to the designated areas on the property, primarily the indoor and outdoor arena.

I will refrain from any running, yelling or quick movements in or around the barn/pasture areas.

I will not bring/ride bikes or motorcycles on the premises.

I will smile a lot and have a lot of fun (despite all these rules!!!)

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