Equine Services at Creekside Equicenter

Horse Boarding, Training, Horseback Riding Lessons

At Creekside Equicenter, your success and happiness as a rider is our success. Share our passion with horses won’t you? We offer many services to help you enjoy horses and pleasant riding experiences. Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

Horseback Riding Lessons
Creekside Equicenter’s lesson program is lead by Tina Prout, an accomplished rider herself. Currently she is accepting beginner and intermediate abilities in Hunt Seat and Jumper, Gaming Sports and Western Pleasure.

Ever been yelled at for improper riding? Ever been criticized or yelled at in front of your peers? Feels terrible right? Well, we’re not yellers. Actually, Tina is known for her positive training instruction and motivation, especially with kids. You can have the worst ride of your life and she’ll put a smile on your face and encourage you to keep trying. Come out and see her train sometime…

Horse Boarding and Horse Care
Creekside Equicenter’s quiet, country setting in Walkerton, Indiana offers large indoor and outdoor riding arenas, safe turnouts, twice-daily feeding, and conscientious care for your horse. Contact us for more information.

Stalls are cleaned and inspected daily, fresh water provided daily, fly-sheets and blankets applied when provided by owner, supplements and extras aren’t a problem either. We treat your horse like one of our own and we take great pride in the good care of our horses.

Horse and Rider Training
We offer a range of options to help train your horse to become more consistent and polished in the show ring as well as general riding.


No one in the area is more persistent! You pay for training time and we provide it. We’re not a trophy barn, we don’t spend 20 minutes with your horse and then put them on the wall. Our clients expect results. Good results take time and patience. Typically we work with your horse six days a week consistently. Depending on your horses needs, we work with basic ground work up to advanced jumping or western sports like barrel racing or pole bending.

These are just a few examples of what we can help you accomplish with your horse:

Ground Manners
Lunging Skills (walk-trot-canter-whoa)
Basics like easily catching, haltering, and tieing up
Pick up feet without resistance
Stand quietly while being bathed
Stand quietly and tolerate clipping
Be completely accustomed to sacking out
Stand quietly while feet are trimmed
Stand quietly for grooming and handling
Easy trailer loading and unloading
Stand quietly while being tacked and cinched up
Be accustomed to saddle while lunging
Develop a feel for and response to leg, body and hand pressure
Be able to make clean, collected gait transitions
Stand still while rider is mounting and dismounting
Be able to bend easily at turning
Yield to leg pressure
Be able to perform a clean, simple lead change
Be relaxed and controllable on a trail ride
Give easily to light bit pressure

Training From the Ground Up
Meet Blue, a 4 year old quarter horse that hadn’t been handled much other than daily feeding. When we went to pick him up for training he was a nervous wreck. Just entering his stall to put on his halter was a chore. He was scared of his own shadow and jumped at every movement of your hand. Tina patiently approached him and gently put on a rope halter to lead him to the trailer. Getting him into the trailer proved to be another challenge to overcome. Patience comes into play again as Tina went back and forth, round and round, moving him closer and closer to the trailer. After about 45 minutes of moving his feet, he was ready to investigate the trailer. It was so funny… once he was in, he didn’t want to come out. We got him back to our stable and unloaded him but with all the commotion of the other horses he wanted back into the trailer. I guess he felt safe there. Well, we spent several months with him ground training him for confidence, trust and manners. He was also introduced to all those scary cans, trash bags, water, kids, cats, noisy neighbors (it was close to July 4th), and various other de-spooking items we could come up with. Once he was confident it was time to introduce him to a saddle and rider. As you can see from these photos to the left, he is comfortable with Tina. She is able to crawl all over his back, make noise, and stand up without much movement out of him other than to balance her light weight and steady his.


His owner was quite pleased. Mary Ann is an over-50 young lady that wanted a good, calm trail horse out of Blue. She has reported to us on occasion that she rides him all over the place. Up and down the road, through the woods, down old railroad tracks, and at the park. The two of them are very happy together and Blue is quite confident in himself and trusting of others.

So, what are your horses needs and how may we help you?
Horse Clinics, Summer Events and Children’s Horse Programs
As we build and grow our facility, we will be planning day camps, clinics and summer events that will interest a growing horse community. Keep an eye on our site for more information about when and what we have available.

Horse Sales
Creekside Equicenter offers many quality horses for sale from time to time. We provide our sale horses with the best care and training while they are here, and ensure we find the right match. If you want to see what we have for sale, click here…