Next clinic is scheduled for


Contact Tina to reserve your spot.

Time: TBA
Cost: $50/rider (1 hour sessions) with your horse.
or $75/rider using Creekside horse (Schedule horse with Tina).

*Time may change depending on how many riders we have signed up. Check this page for current times.

Auditing is available and free for this clinic.

Contact: Tina Prout cell 574-536-0990 (can text as well) with questions or reservations.

Below is a video of Tina and Tiki at one of their first dressage shows together. They jump together all the time but Tina likes to keep things fresh and started dressage to better communicate with Tiki. Plus Tiki needs to learn to be more calm and collected. Angie has been helping them both and they are all having fun together.

Here is a helpful diagram of a…

Small Dressage Arena